Trucking in the new millennium

Trucking has remained unchanged for a century. There have been no real changes until the last five year when hybrid electric assist was added to some tractors for use in stop and go city traffic. The ideal candidates were garbage trucks and delivery vans.

There has been little development in long haul trucking until now. Reevans Electro Design has patented a jet powered hybrid tractor trailer system where the wheels of the tractor and trailer are motors themselves. Each wheel is a 12 phase induction motor that is an inverse design similar to a ceiling fan motor. A battery pack of 70 12VDC cells. The high voltage is delivered to the wheels at a nominal 600VAC with adjustable speed AC drives. Each wheel is driven separately and synchronized by a high speed industrial computer called a programmable logic controller (PLC). If any wheel slips a tiny bit, it will be detected and its speed corrected and toque redistributed by the other drives to the remaining wheel motors.

Energy recovery is stored in the batteries with regenerative braking or deceleration power and peak power demands for hills or passing supplied by the storage batteries.

Loads can be hauled faster and if highway code allows, can be twice or three times the standard using a train configuration. Standard truck cannot haul trains very well without setting the last trailer brakes part on to create enough tension to prevent whipping action. The JET Electric Truck system has active correction applied to each wheel to make the system track like the proverbial train on rails.

Inertial sensors on each trailer as well as the tractor give ample early warning to the PLC to make the corrections to each side of the train on each trailer to bring it into alignment before whipping even is felt.